Monday, October 17, 2016

Dodging The Weakness Trouble

Dodging The Weakness Trouble

When you are appearing for an interview, there are plenty of different points you will need to bear in mind. It is best advised to be prepared for some of the questions as this way you can be sure that you will handle it in an apt manner. When someone asks you as to what are your weaknesses, you need to have some idea beforehand as to what would be an apt reply.

Knowing Your Real Weakness

So, when you are looking to prepare for this answer, our best suggestion to you is to really find out what your weakness is. When you are willing to put in your best efforts and explore the possible areas wherein you need to work and improvise, it will help you prepare a better answer.

Can I Be Honest?

Of course yes! While we are totally in favor of being honest when you are appearing for an interview, but of course, you need to act smart as well. It is really important for you to ensure that you smartly answer your weaknesses.
Gone are the days when you could sugar-coat your strength and term them as your weaknesses. It is really important to understand that your HR can access the same resources as you. When they interview a hundred candidates and they hear different variations of nearly the same answers, it doesn’t really take a genius to know that the answers come from the same source. This in itself is a proof that you have been trying to hide your real weakness.
So, if you choose to walk a different path and be honest, we are sure that this will fetch you some extra points and will improve your odds of selection. However, does this infer that you can let them know that you are weak at precisely the same core skills which are a prerequisite for the job? Hell, no!

The Best Approach

This is why you will need to smartly analyze the key skills which are crucial for the job. The best thing you can do is prepare two lists. One of them should have a collection of your weaknesses and the other should be the skills that are crucial for the job you are applying to.
Now, you need to strike off all the common points from both the lists. You can now list any of those weaknesses which aren’t the core skill. Another point which you can keep in mind is that you should try and be as specific as possible when you are talking about weaknesses.
Telling that you are weak at Photoshop when applying for a designing job is never a good thing to do! You can say specific options and functions which you may not be good at as these can be ignored and improvised easily.

So, now that you know these tips, go ahead and plan your answer beforehand. This way when your interviewer asks you about your weaknesses, you will have no reason to press the panic button.

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